Changing of the Guard

WritingWorks, Ltd., March 9th, 2012

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Two words define Bernie Yurko’s 34-year career with Speck Plastics: “always available.”

As Purchasing and Personnel Manager, Yurko’s openness has suited him well for the dual position that places him in constant contact with both vendors and staff.

He’ll miss that daily communication most when he retires on July 1. Although Yurko says his position could easily have involved sitting in an office all day, he aimed to act in a more extroverted manner. In addition to communicating with suppliers, he made it a daily routine to engage with personnel on the floor and advertise his “always available” status.

“Whether it’s a ‘Good morning,’ ‘How’s the family?’ or ‘How’s your week going?’ I make it a point every day to make that one-on-one contact,” Yurko says.