A Maine transplant, I grew up in coal country Pennsylvania in the small town of Tamaqua. In the sixth grade yearbook, students were asked to list their career aspirations. Below my picture: "Journalist." The summer before I started high school, my mother spotted an advertisement in the local newspaper for a teen writing group. I wrote monthly articles for Young Voices until I went off to college, learning the craft of writing and revising stories under the tutelage of seasoned journalists.

After interning with a news magazine in Washington, D.C. and graduating with a degree in English/Communications and Political Science, I appeared ready to emerge in the real world as a political correspondent. And yet, I felt unfulfilled. I decided to join AmeriCorps, the national service program. I always felt drawn to New England, so I was thrilled to land a position with a literacy-driven program near Boston. For 10 months I designed and implemented hands-on literacy activities in a preschool classroom and mentored students at a YMCA afterschool program. As that experience drew to a close, I signed on for another year with AmeriCorps, this time as a Museum Educator at Providence Children's Museum. While planning and implementing museum programs and managing the research and design of a temporary exhibit, I conducted research for and helped prepare the annual report, proofread museum publications, and wrote blog posts and articles for the quarterly newsletter.

Since then, I've completed a Master's degree in American and New England Studies and worked as a faculty research assistant and office aide. In addition to freelance work as an Associate Writer with WritingWorks, Ltd., I am a part-time Library Assistant in Cape Elizabeth, Maine, while I figure out what I want to be when I grow up.

What else? I'm an aspiring astronomer, an avid hiker, and an all-around seeker of adventure and knowledge. A few of my favorite things: Tea. Used book stores. Maps and globes. Mountains. Scotch neat. Learning new words (My newest favorite is "logomachy," a noun meaning "a dispute about or concerning words"). Public radio. Traveling.

My daily reads include: Brain Pickings, The Browser, Reddit, SoulPancake, NPR Picture Show